Agustus 23, 2011


Adventure with words that will bring you to a new world. Place the letters to form word for word and make a path from start point to the target. Try 50 levels in 5 unique world (Spring, Fall, Heat, Cold, and Greece) in Adventure mode. Test your skills and play a special challenge, for example, just make a word beginning with the same letter. Get directions to increase energy & help you. You can also practice making the desired word in Free Play mode.

  • 50 levels in adventure mode
  • Variety of themes
  • Get special energy

For Nokia N97

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

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Agustus 20, 2011

How to Win at Pokies Tips

Playing pokies is very fun and most people enjoy this casino game. Now there are online pokies that you can play on the internet 24 hours day. Playing pokies needs some skills and knowledge. If you have a lot info and tricks how to play pokies, you will be winner for this fun and simple game.

In my experience, the best place to find all the information, facts and tricks how to be no 1 on playing pokies is Increase your skills, learning how to play, and be no 1 that only little people know about this game. By knowing more than most people know, you will enjoy and increase your chances to win at pokies.

Let's play pokies.
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Juni 22, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens Java Games

Discover the Crazy Western with Cowboys and Aliens Java Games, just like everyone for no reason spotted it! Saddle in place while Zeke as well as completely ready ones six-shooter, lasso and… room rifle. Defend the actual human race versus a strong alien attack during this variable platformer where by you’ll to have exciting rifle battles together with a notable arsenal as well as ride horses, bulls and even alien bicycles. Investigate canyons, some sort of Crazy Western area, educates as well as a strong alien spaceship to help send the actual invaders on the actual absolute depths of room.

- Genuine official game from comic book Cowboys & Aliens!
- experience thrilling platforming and gun fights.
- Explor 4 different place

For Nokia 240x320 screen resolution

For Nokia 480 x 640 screen resolution (Nokia 5800)

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Juni 05, 2011

Puzzle Quest 2 Mobile game

The earth's leading marvel journey sequence returns along with Puzzle Quest 2, the addictive combination of "match 3" game play along with RPG style personalization along with storytelling. Match up precise dyed other jewels to collect Mana along with unleash approaches along with spells. Select several distinct persona classes along with make brand-new spells, weapons along with things. Fulfilling along with demanding intended for avid gamers off concentrations!

For 176 x 220 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

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Juni 04, 2011

The Godfather Java game

The Godfather mobile java game features 10 mini-games. from Connie Corleone's wedding to the assassinations of the 5 families. Each mini games you play take concept from scene from the movie.

- 10 interactive mini-games
- Each levels are Godfather-style action and intrigue
- Each mini game is a favorite scenes taken from the movie

Game Objective

Play ten interactive mini-games based on The Godfather® movie. Each mini-game is based on a memorable movie sequence. Earn respect by successfully completing each game.

Starting the game

Highlight "The Godfather® Game" in the games menu on your phone. Press "Select" (or "OK" on the D-Pad) to start the game. You are prompted to choose sound either ON or OFF. After you make your selection, the Paramount and EA Mobile splash screens display, followed by the Main Menu.

Main Menu

* Start Game - Start a game.
* Family Secrets - As you play through the game, you unlock information about the Godfather® movie, which is accessible in 'Family Secrets.'
* Options - View the available game options: sound on or off, and reset game.
* Help - View detailed instructions and information on how to play the game.
* About - Display copyright information and customer service information.
* More Games - Display link to more EA Mobile games.

How to Play

Each mini-game has different objectives and rules:

Mini-Game 1: Intro
Objective: The Don wants to test your marksmanship. You will be asked to hit a number of targets.

Mini-Game 2: Luca Brasi Speech
Objective: Arrange 15 tiles in the correct order to re-create Luca's speech to Don Corleone. Arrange these tiles as fast as you can.

Mini-Game 3: Woltz Estate Invasion
Objective: Enter the Woltz Estate by picking different locks.

Mini-Game 4: Defend The Don
Objective: Gunmen are attempting to murder The Don. You must hold them off by using a variety of weapons until help arrives.

Mini-Game 5: Hide The Don
Objective: Match the objects hidden behind each door in order to secure a safe place for The Don.

Mini-Game 6: Assassinate Sollozzo and McCluskey
Objective: Take the gunmen out with one of several weapons at your disposal, neutralizing 30 enemies as fast as possible.

Mini-Game 7: A Message For Carlo
Objective: Synchronize your key-presses with the onscreen instructions to complete moves for fighting and coercing.

Mini-Game 8: Trivia Challenge
Objective: Answer trivia questions to show your knowledge of the family business.

Mini-Game 9: Muscle Moe Green
Objective: Take the gunmen out and eventually eliminate Moe Greene.

Mini-Game 10: Take Out Barzini
Objective: Complete the game storyline by viewing the climactic finale and passing several challenges.

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

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Mei 22, 2011

Orcs & Elves II mobile java game

Traveling to a location contains excursion, when heroes are usually delivered and figures are made in this java mobile game. Play in Orcs & Elves II, your sequel on the award-winning Orcs & Elves!
Take a look at international villages, mysterious caverns & haunted jungles. Challenge unusual & mythic beasts having a arsenal associated with powerful captivated me guns. Participate in as Valin, a thief exactly who steals a sentient wand as a way to save her imperiled village; and problem malefic when you deal with a person's Search having not likely allies for instance a controlled computer mouse.

- 7 interactive levels
- Multi weapon
- many of secrets to surprising your play

For 128 x 160 screen resolution

For 176 x 208 screen resolution
Download or Download

For 240 x 320screen resolution

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Mei 11, 2011

Brain tester 24 Pck vol 2 java game

Enjoy a twenty four group regarding premium brain testers – which has a disregard! Put the exciting directly into brain exercise routines by using a good engaging selection of minuscule exercise routines to concern your own perception, memory, attentiveness and much more!

In addition – trail your own progress through training your own monster since you perform. By using every higher report the idea changes in addition to grows up a little bit a lot more – by using plenty of doable versions!

- 24 original brain games
- challenge your:
* Perception
* Memory
* Concentration
* Spatial skills
* Includes math and logic!
- endless entertainment.

For 176 x 220 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

For 360 x 640 screen resolution

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Mei 09, 2011

Detective ridley and the mysterious enigma java game

Join Detective Maximilian Ridley plus the cousin Darcie in their hunt for a great ancestral relic: an ancient medallion that brings everlasting your life. Your mission could make you the particular four corners belonging to the earth all of which improvement throughout the a bunch of puzzles you’ll need to address. Meet up with charming plus serious people as you try and uncover their own secrets and techniques. Wrap up your hand bags for just a trip towards the cardiovascular of any suspense!

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

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