November 18, 2009

Air Burster 3D

Air Burster 3D screen shot

Air Burster 3D has story in 2095, Swiftness Enterprises, has announced the first championship air-carmobile. Their drivers, called airbursters all very motivated and will fight against you to win the championship.

The player chooses one of the eight available drivers and he competes with three other drivers on one of the four available tracks. Be careful not to touch your opponents, or your shield will decrease which will affect the performance of your machine. At the end of the race for the top three drivers will receive points

Charisma: Collect as many Charisma points as possible and be able to unlock new faster drivers. 4 different designs. 16 drivers, each with its own profile. Rich and detailed real 3D graphics for an exciting adventure!

For 176 x 220 screen resolution


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