Desember 26, 2009

Dictator defence

Fighting to 9 different types of enemy units on the flank of the crazy world leaders like Arnold Arms Linda Steel Skull & more! Arm your troops with an arsenal of strategic Electrifying jets, flame throwers and more! Also develop your own Hero soldier level to level the ultimate weapon to fight!

How to play:
Press 2, 4, 6 and 8 or the navigation key to your cursor in the field, then press 5 or the action button on an empty space to go to the selection of the units.

Use 4 or 6 and scroll left or right navigation key to scroll through the various units and selected by 5, the action button or the left button. You can use the menu without selecting anything by pressing the right soft key. Use the left soft key when John Hero available for interview.

Pause Menu: You can use the pause menu by pressing the displayed screen.

For 128 x 160 screen resolution

For 176 x 208 screen resolution

For 176 x 220 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 Nokia screen resolution


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we can make other resolution with rezise S60 V3. Do you know??? find here :