Februari 17, 2010

Pipe Mania 2

Pipe Mania 2 java games

This is an old friend of the starting point for many - Set various form sections of pipe on a simple grid, in order to create a continuous length of pipe in the entry and exit. All the while a constant flow of water through a drip, which threatens to spread, if you can not quickly do the job.

Monitoring is a simple matter of running the cursor to the thumb or the equivalent key and press' OK '/ '5' current portion of the tube over the next five previews at the top of the screen, then you can plan.

The presentation is far from the star - in fact, playing time to come in the last three years - but it is functional and there is a sufficient distinction between the different levels.

There are large differences in regimes, including four single-player version, and even Bluetooth multiplayer mode.

Many adopted after the first edition. 2 Pipe Mania prizes for functions with specific parts of the snake, the construction of loops and construction of more hidden treasures. There are obstacles to avoid, will be used to support attacks on rivals and repair.

For 128 x 160 screen resolution

For 176 x 208 screen resolution