Desember 22, 2010

Zombie infections 2

Zombie Infections continous, now three brave souls must work together as they venture deep into the Brazilian jungle, mines, a secret lab and more to root out the source of the disease. Survive zombie attack on a scale never seen before, also infected bats, sharks and other abominations. Use stealth and cunning or using new weapons including flamethrowers, grenades and melee weapons for the dead at bay, and even jump in a speedboat for dramatic escapes.

For 176 x 220 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

For 360 x 640 screen resolution


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I am very addictive to games especially computer games, but while travelling we can’t carry the
laptop though we carry the laptop it won’t be comfort playing games and was thinking of Mobile
games and luckily found your website, really I am very very Happy and Thanks a ton for making
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