Januari 24, 2011

Flight Control java game

Guide to their landing zones for aircraft, but do not clash! Sounds simple? You need a clever strategy and piercing eyes to change the flight paths, if necessary, and to control the chaos. Your path with several airports, including 10 helicopters and jet planes and tracking statistics packaged. Unpack your bags for the action of air addictive!

For 128 x160 screen resolution

For 176 x 220 screen resolution

For 240 x 320 screen resolution

For 360 x 640 screen resolution


teja mengatakan...

I am very addictive to games especially computer games, but while travelling we can’t carry the laptop though we carry the laptop it won’t be comfort playing games and was thinking of Mobile games and luckily found your website, really I am very very Happy and Thanks a ton for making this.