Januari 23, 2011

Platinum Solitaire 3 Mobile Game

Latest release of Platinum Solitaire. After success with Platinum Solitaire 1 and Platinum Solitaire 2, now Gameloft complete in Platinum Solitaire 3.

Get ready for the world in search of a good life is! Play great, make money and build your empire casino! Eager to play on classic solitaire? Quick Play mode, instant fun. But this new version you can also enjoy 16 more addictive card games. Unlock new locations progress and challenges you in the game.

But remember: no risk means no reward!

* Classic Solitaire to reach best score
* 17 different card games
* Complete with tutorials and in-game hints
* Unlock many new contents like characters, locations, magic tricks & more!

For 360 x 640 screen resolution